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Kankalin vendégház - Mátraterenye
from 11.67 €/guest/night

The guest house is a village of 900 inhabitants located in the area Mátra Északra.Teljesen... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double room private (2 persons)
46.67 €
Triple-room (3 persons, max. 1 additional bed)
70 €
Family-room for 5 persons (5 persons)
116.67 €

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Szikla Vendégház - Istenmezeje

A guest house in 2013, built a completely new device, year awaits vendégeit.A nature and... More...

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Arany Kakas Fogadó - Pétervására

The inn is located in the center of town, where 120 to 150 seat restaurant with summer terrace.... More...

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Leleszi Pihenő - Tarnalelesz

Tarnaleleszen vár minden pihenni vágyót egy 1902-ben épült öreg parasztház, annak minden bájával... More...

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